Adding PartPay to Shopify

To configure a Shopify site with PartPay as a payment gateway requires admin access to the Shopify account to follow these instructions

Assuming that a merchant ID and API Token had been provided, please follow these instructions:
  1. Go to the URL:
  2. That should navigate to the Shopify admin page where login is required (if not already authenticated) and subsequently be presented with the option to install PartPay as a payment provider:
  3. Click “Install payment provider”
  4. PartPay will appear on the list of Alternative payment methods, select ‘PartPay’ from the list
  5. Enter the “Merchant ID” and “API Token” provided by PartPay:
  6. Click “Save”

The PartPay payment method should now be available to customers on the site’s checkout payment method page.

PartPay Finance Limited, 1 Fore Street, London, EC2Y 9DT, UK.