PartPay is a UK and New Zealand company with a mission to deliver more transparent, simple and user-friendly finance products to deliver benefits to both Customers and our Merchant Partners.

Why work with PartPay?

We are a UK and New Zealand business, made up of a team experienced in consumer finance, technology, customer service and marketing. We are deeply passionate about delivering more transparent and customer-centric finance products to make life better for both our Merchant partners and their Customers.

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Increase Conversions

Customers love the “Buy Now, Pay Later” model, and it’s proven to reduce cart abandonments and increase conversion rates and average order values, helping acquire new Customers and drive your business profitability

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Full Price, No Risk

You are paid the full purchase price less our fee the next business day so there is no impact on Cash Flow, and all credit risk sits with PartPay to recover the remaining payments from your Customer.

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In Store or Online

We have existing integrations with many leading eCommerce platforms, and also have an in-store product so you can access PartPay benefits even if you don't sell goods and services online

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Minimal Admin

PartPay’s platform allows you to deliver this with minimal administration or management required and with no risk. Our team will help manage all integrations, train staff etc

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Marketing Support

We are here to help drive your business. You will get access to Marketing support from our UK based team to help drive awareness and usage of PartPay to drive your business, including access to our growing PartPay user community

Market leading ID and Credit Validation

We take Identity validation very seriously, are one of the only providers who use a real-time Credit Check as part of our Onboarding process.  The process is still completed in minutes, but this rigour plus our proprietary decisioning logic supports prudent lending decisions so Customers are in the best position to make their repayments.

Lowest Default Fees

Further to the above, our model is based on Consumers paying their instalments on time and as part of our commitment to this we have the lowest default fees in the UK market, and cap our maximum default fees when many others don’t.

In house development team with global reach

All our technology development is managed in-house and with our Platform being used globally across 4 continents, we will continue to evolve our technology and release new products and services to add more value.

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