Adding PartPay to PrestaShop

  1. Find PartPay in the PrestaShop catalogue or download the module [Download Module], then upload it in your PrestaShop portal.
  2. Find the newly installed PartPay module under ‘installed modules’ and click configure
  3. Configure your settings:
    Enable: Selecting YES will allow PartPay to show at your checkout on your website. Selecting NO will hide PartPay
    Production Mode: Selecting YES will allow PartPay to show in your production environment (live website). Selecting NO will allow PartPay to show PartPay in your Sandbox/test environment.
    Client ID and Secret: These will be provided to you by your PartPay Representative once you’ve signed up. If you are interested in signing up or haven’t yet recieved your credentials email
  4. Click save – PartPay will now show as a payment method.