Add a ‘How PartPay Works’ to your website to drive sales

Ecommerce and online payments have been around for many years, but PartPay is a relatively new technology and whilst many people are familiar with the “Buy Now, Pay Later” model some of your customers may not be.

A new form of payment can be daunting to those unfamiliar, so our merchants have found that including a ‘How PartPay Works’ section on their website adds a level of trust on top of the checkout experience, and increases the likelihood to purchase. It also keeps your customers on your own website rather than deviating off to research more.

All you need to do is to create a new basic page on your website using your website builder, and insert some of this ready-made content in it. Then, put a link to this page in your footer, on your product pages, and/or on your checkout page.

“PartPay is a leading online instalment payments provider that allows you to get your goods straight away but only pay 25% of your purchase today, and the rest  over 6 weeks with no fees or interest charged. Sign up only takes a few minutes with instant approval.

Here’s how PartPay works exactly:

1. Shop online

All of our products support PartPay. Simply add the items you want to your shopping cart, then select PartPay as your payment method at checkout when you are ready to pay.

2. Log in to PartPay or create an account

If you are a not an existing user of PartPay, you’ll need to create an account. It only takes a couple of minutes – simply click “Create Account” and enter a few details.

3. Pay 25% today

Once logged in to PartPay, you can add a Debit or Credit Card to your account and we will confirm your instalments, charge 25% of the purchase today and then the store will ship your goods right away as per normal.

4. Pay the rest over 3 automated fortnightly payments

PartPay will automatically charge your credit or debit card for the remaining 75% of the purchase in 3 instalments of 25% over 3 fortnights. You pay no fees or interest at all, unless you miss a payment.

Have more questions? You can read over the PartPay official FAQ page here.